+ Where were you born?

North Carolina, but I'm a Californian at heart.

+ When did you start writing?

There's a picture of me as a one-year-old smashing the keys on my dad's old typewriter, so if quality isn't important to this answer, I guess then!

+ What do you do when you're not writing?

Out of the remaining amount of time that exists in the day, I spend 30% obsessing over my cats, 20% getting angry about injustices, 15% sleeping or eating, 14% yelling into megaphones about injustices, 10% watching crime shows, 10% insisting I'll exercise, and 1% actually exercising. Oh, and I'm a college student, so homework should factor in somewhere.

+ What crime shows do you watch? Do you watch anything else?

I listen to Dateline as I fall asleep and have seen every Law & Order: SVU episode. Some other things I watch (or rewatch) are The Office, Modern Family, Caso Cerrado, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Last Week Tonight.

+ And did you mention cats?

I did indeed. I have an entire Instagram devoted to my cats if you're interested.

+ You seem to always write about sexual assault and/or queer stuff ...

Yes! I think it's important to write about things that are personal to me as a queer sexual assault survivor. A lot of my activism centers around these topics as well.

+ What activism do you do?

I run an organization, The Make It Safe Project, that gives LGBTQ-related books to teens. I also do a lot of work around sexual violence prevention, particularly on college campuses with Title IX.

+ Do you have resources for survivors of sexual assault?

No Red Tape has a great list of resources for survivors, including national hotlines that can connect you with services in your area. I'm also happy to help you find something in your area if you contact me.

+ What's your favorite book?

Seriously? You're one of those people? Ugh. If we're talking fiction, I'm going with Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden or Allegedly by Tiffany Jackson, though you honestly can't go wrong with Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French if picture books count.

+ Do you have a favorite movie?

Dead Poets Society for a real movie and The Room if I want to laugh at a movie. (Sorry! I say it with love.) There's also this movie I found on Netflix called Trust about teen sexual assault that made me cry and felt so authentic.

+ What are three really random facts about you?

I'm a pretty decent poker player, I can't read sheet music even though I play in a steel drum band, and I once played the bear in The Winter's Tale.